Rising from the backwaters of Lower-Northwestern Michigan, Stonefolk is an all Americana Folk-Rock Trio formed by singer/songwriter Aaron Dye, bassist/sousaphonist Kevin LaRose and drummer Liam Joyce. The band features a heavy selection of honest and original work inspired by legendary bands like Little Feat, The Rolling Stones and The Meters. Formerly known as Turbo Pup, the band has played numerous music festivals including Blissfest and Harvest Gathering, as well as uncountable stages across the north.


Trains, sailboats and cars have taken the band to destinations around the country, like their memorable trip by train to San Francisco’s Hotel Utah. Serenading folks in the observation cars along the way. Or when they Sailed the Great Lakes to remote islands just to play around the campfire and cross one more adventure off the bucket list. Always ready to play and entertain, Stonefolk is full of heart and will bring you straight to the dance floor.


Stonefolk is a truly versatile and inclusive group that blossoms boundless joy in their audiences. Between the spontaneous breaks of sousaphone marches, swooning vocals and tight knit beats, Stonefolk is sure to bring a smile and a song to your heart.

What you may experience:

  • Butterflies in yo belly

  • Nostalgic Bliss

  • The unparalleled desire to dance

  • General Giddiness

  • Hip shake baby

  • Likeminded peers

  • Overwhelming love and understanding

  • Rejuvenation

  • Jubilation

  • Exultation

  • Minor disorientation

Major influences include but not limited to: Lowell George and Little Feat, Bonnie Rait, Charles Bradley and the Manhattan Street Band, Doc Watson, The Average White Band, Frank Zappa, Memphis Minnie, Levon Helm and The Band, Marvin Gaye, Yes, The Meters, Talking Heads, ZZ Top, T. Rex, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Traffic, Sea Level, The Rolling Stones, Ry Cooder, The Police, Queen, Nat “King” Cole, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Grand Funk Railroad, Harry Nilsson, John Hartford, The Felice Brothers, Hand Williams Sr. and III, Paul Simon, Led Zepplin, Marcus King Band and so many more…

Formed April 20 2019 by Singer/Songwriter Aaron Dye

Vocals, Guitar / Aaron Dye
Bass / Kevin LaRose
Drums / Liam Joyce



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